Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a modern, fast and precise method of processing different types of steel and aluminum. For the cutting, we use three types of devices: 2 kW, 4 kW and 5 kW in CO2 and Fiber technology. Thanks to that, we are able to carry out the most complicated order, including working all types of sheet metals with a maximum dimensions of 3000 x 1500 mm.


High technical parameters guarantee the efficiency and reliability of our machines:

       Linear drive:

       laser output </bmax. 5000W: enables cutting of sheet metals up to 12 (aluminum), 15 (stainless steel) and 25 mm (black steel) in thickness,

       fibre optic laser: for achieving the right cutting speed for thin steel and non-ferrous sheet metals.


In addition to the standard range of laser cutting services, we also offer:



       cutting sheet metal protected by foil,

       cutting of bent and stamped elements.


Laser power:Laser 5kWLaser 4kWLaser 2kW
Max. cutting length:3000mm3000mm3000mm
Max. cutting width:1500mm1500mm1500mm
Thickness range:
Stainless steel:0,4-15mm0,4-15mm0,3-3mm
Precision of cutting:+-0,1mm+-0,1mm+-0,1mm