Varied industry

We fill orders for production and provision of services of material treatment for many industries, such as: manufacture of machinery, transport equipment, precision industry, etc. The variety of solutions or the complexity of products require extensive equipment and machinery, which we provide – we manufacture finished products, and offer material processing itself. In the manufacture of complex products, sole elements, or servicing on entrusted material – we use the following technological capabilities:


    Laser cutting,

    Water jet cutting,

    Guillotine shearing,


    Hydraulic press brake bending,

    Bending with a rotary bending machine,

    Spot welding,

    Stud welding,

    Stud pressing with a pneumatic press,

    Pipe folding,

    Stainless steel, aluminum, and black steel welding,

    Automated pipe welding,

    Surface deburring of sheet metal,

    Powder coating along with the surface preparation:

    Ultrasonic cleaning

    Sandblasting or glass blasting of the workpiece surface

    Drying the workpiece surface


All the processes are performed with due diligence by qualified staff, while complying with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification standard.