Water jet cutting

We offer water jet cutting. Working field: 7.2 x 2 running meters. Water jet cutting process uses a concentrated jet of water with an abrasive, under ultra-high pressure of 6,000 bars. Thanks to this, we are able to cut any material of very high thickness. Water jet cutting brings many benefits in every industrial field:

       metal: finished product without the need for additional finishing,

       aviation: cutting of temperature sensitive composite materials,

       automotive: shape-cutting of dashboards,

       plastics: cutting of thermoset materials, composites, etc.

Advantages of water jet cutting compared to traditional solutions:

       elimination of the risk of tension and microcracks,

       no heat-affected zones,

       possible precision of parts treatment: up to ±0.04 mm.


Max. cutting length:7200mm
Max. cutting width:2000mm
Max. thickness:178mm
Linear cutting accuracy:0,03mm per 1m cutting